If you’ve ever been bullied by a boss or colleague, you know that the psychological and emotional damage is real and often ereviews amazon essay writertremely challenging to overcome. Among the thousands of professionals I’ve worked with over my 35-year career, many have been bullied and were deeply confused as to what to do about it. And their careers (and well-being) took a serious turn for the worse because of it. I’ve been bullied more than once by a manager or “leader,” and the experiences were devastating.

In a recent research study from the Workplace Bullying Institute, nearly one fifth of all American workers reported bullying in the workplace and another 19% witnessed it.

Other powerful findings from the 2017 study:reviews amazon essay writer

– 60 million Americans are affected by it

– 70% of perpetrators are men; 60% of targets are women

– Hispanics are the most frequently bullied race

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