Nisreen Khalaf

Nisreen Khalaf is an author of her first book “My Millennials”. She is a  mother to three millennials, whom she has raised to challenge the status quo and go after what they want in life, believing that there’s more potential in each one of them than the average job and lifestyle.

Nisreen is a Thinking Into Results facilitator and coach who guides her clients to achieve the success they desire and fulfill their dreams. Nisreen, who is intensely growth- and goal-oriented, helps individuals, groups and companies discover their deepest goals and desires, reach their potential and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Nisreen has worked in non-profit organizations for over twenty years in development and humanitarian aid. Her passion to people and wanting to see a world full of hope and love, she focused in her career working for refugees.

About the book

What is the difference between millennials and their parents, the baby boomers? How can we bridge the gap between these two powerful generations? Coach and mother of three millennial bright lights , Nisreen Khalaf, has written a comprehensive, thought-provoking book discussing the challenges that people born between 1981 and 2000 face. She answers the difficult questions, who are millennials? What do they want, where are they going, and how can we help guide them along the way? The answers may surprise you. Millennials are often inaccurately stereotyped, but not by Nisreen Khalaf.

Khalaf has worked with refugees for many years and is a Thinking into Results Facilitator with the Proctor Gallagher Institute. Goal oriented and growth oriented , Khalaf has worked with groups and individuals of all ages, but is particularly interested in helping millennials to achieve their goals and dreams. Join her in her journey as she explores the influence of technology on this particular generation, what it’s like to parent young people in this age bracket, and the specific challenges that they face in terms of education, the workforce, and in relationships.